When Silent Rumor formed in 2015 the members made a determination that they wanted to be "More than just a cover band".

That being said they spent their 1st six months patiently and painstakingly gathering material that would "Pay Tribute" to different eras of music and welcome a wide range of audiences that unexpectedly showed up to the party. You would hear their versions of songs from Elvis to Stone Temple Pilots; Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin.

The band worked equally as hard on their own music and in 2016 released the 1st of 2 EP's. "Not Today" and the newly released "#FYMCT" are available on ITunes and Google Play Store. The band is regionally entertaining audiences and are looking to expand even further.

Silent Rumor is currently available for parties both corporate and private, organizational events, and bars / venues that want more than a band who just plays covers. You can contact our booking agent, Shane, at SilentRumorband@gmail.com.

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Silent Rumor Live at the new Frisco Bar

Frisco Bar, 6750 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, TX

Come join Silent Rumor as they rock the house at the new and improved Frisco Bar location! Enjoy Awesome food, Great drinks and the ever so Amazing staff! We will rock you all night long with your favorite classics throughout the decades