The band that claims Haltom CIty as home, Silent Rumor has been entertaining audiences around Texas for a little bit now. Since we each have a wide diversity of music that we like to listen to it would only be evident that it would come across at a Silent Rumor show. Good music is good music and that is exactly what you will hear when you come out to see us. We can pretty much bet that we'll play something that you have heard or something that just made your toes start tapping and for us that is just the beginning of a good time. When you are at a Silent Rumor show you are likely to hear: 

Music from the 1900's (60's - 90's): [Think Johnny Cash, CCR, Allman Brothers, Van Halen, 7 Mary 3]

College Rock - (Late 80's - Early 90's): [Think Flock of Seagulls, R.E.M., Violent Femmes, Pet Shop Boys]

Grunge|Post Grunge : [Think Gin Blossoms, Nirvana, STP, Silverchair]

Pretty good little slice of variety for sure. We have also created 4 EP's (1 of which has been retired) of our own tunes that we are pretty proud of ourselves. Some of our stuff was actually featured on FM and Internet stations. We are very grateful and fortunate to have had success in previous projects and in borrowing from that well we hope to create a long and successful path for SIlent Rumor. 



Silent Rumor

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A Step Up Lounge , 3720 Walnut Hill Ln #115, Dallas

This event is pending announcement from the Governor's office regarding capacity of bars! One of our fave places in Dallas is A Step Up Lounge and fingers crossed, we will be playing there. Always a great time and we want to see our Dallas friends out and having a good time.